Restoration of Implants

We work in conjunction with the best oral surgeons in the area to place and restore implants.

Implants are titanium or zirconia root forms that are placed in the bone to take the place of the roots of an extracted tooth. The implant provides the stable foundation on which to build a replacement tooth, which consists of an abutment (the part of the implant restoration that fits inside the implant and acts as the base for the crown) and the implant retained crown which is either part of the abutment or is cemented to the abutment (this is the tooth replacement which is seen in the mouth). In some cases, bone grafting may be required to provide enough bone after an extraction for an implant. Typically it requires 4 – 6 months of healing time after an implant is placed in the bone before the dental implant restoration can be completed. This allows the proper time for the patient’s bone to grow into the implant, securing it and holding it fast.